In February 2013, the SSK established their first Children’s Early Intervention Centre in Lagodekhi inspired by the Portage Methodology*. In the beginning Early Development specialists were trained and certified by the Portage Association of Georgia by already involving children between 0-7 years with special needs into the program by visiting them at home and to learn how to assist and provide individual therapy sessions while taking care of the social integration of the child and the education of their parents. 
In the course of the project the SSK supported a partial reconstruction of a kindergarten in Lagodekhi and equipped it with toys, books and other materials. Two rooms and a bathroom were taken over to provide them as the new facilities for the Early Intervention Centre.

*The Portage Methodology is an early development program, which was principally designed for children between 0-7 years, who are in special needs. Portage recognizes the significant role of the early development of a child and considers that the quality of the relationship between the child and its parents is the most important one during the early development stages. It is all about how the parents recognize the individual characteristics of their child’s reactions to the world and how well she/ he will listen and react to the child’s “language”; 
The program is based on personal support and a relationship of trust. The elder person should be supportive for the child's early education. His/ her effort should be steady in daily routines and relationships, because the parent’s role reflects on a child’s welfare. Portage is focused on the strength of the child and the environmental conditions. The program envisages the environment in which the program will be conducted; but in the end the family is the decision-maker. The program is just the cooperation partner;  

The whole project was financed by "Aktion Mensch" supported by the ASB Germany. In 2015 the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia took over the project, registered the SSK as an official "Service Deliverer" and involved the participative beneficiaries in a social rehabilitation state program and provided them with vouchers for an early development subprogram. Until today families receiving these vouchers, when they are in need of such a support. At the moment the Early Intervention Centre is based on two clerical pedagogical employees, who are taking care of 14 children and their families.


Because of the successful project in Lagodekhi, in  October 2017 the SSK were able to establish another Early Intervention Centre - for this time in Gori. Overall ten Early Development specialists were trained and certified by the Portage Association of Georgia. Three of them were employed from the SSK for their Centre. 

The daily program of the Early Intervention centre in Gori includes regular consultings, home visits and group therapies. Per month the beneficiaries optain four house visits, four group therapy participations and for the parents two individual consultings. Speech-, physio- and occupational therapists are visiting the Centre according to requirements to provide advise for the parents and our specialists.

Because of the great demand the benefited children were choosen with the support by the Social Service Agency (SSA) and the municipality of Gori. Since July 2018 the centre is able to provide their service for 27 children. Still ten children had to be waitlisted.

Since today the SSK has been working on improving the living conditions in Gori of children with disabilities and their social environment since the project started. A memorandum was signed between the organization and the Gori Municipality in October 2017, followed by letters to the social and education departments of the municipality with the aim to introduce the project and cooperate in disseminating information among the families of children with disabilities living in Gori and nearby villages. 70% of the parents already see improvements in their physical and psychological development. 27 families have been able to borrow children’s books and textbooks from the library including 2 IDP families. Children’s book and the textbook library not only give the families the opportunity to borrow books they can’t afford, but also to make contacts with other families, to share experiences and make friends

The project is financed by AMINA – Aktiv für Menschen in Not Austria and lasts until September 2019. Our goal is to be registered also for Gori as an official "Service Deliverer" at the Ministry of  Labor, Health and Social Affairs,  so that the sustainability of the project is secured by the voucher system beyond the project period.   
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