In September 2014 the Austrian and Georgian Samaritans started the project “Rugby for vulnerable children and youth”, which allows children to spend their after school free time to play rugby.

The project aims to engage school aged children of border villages like Ditsi, Arbo, Cordy and Tirdznizi in sports, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to help them to overcome the psychological trauma caused by the military conflict and in the end to support the children aIn lso dealing with family conflicts.

One of our main tasks was to establish a rugby club in the villages, to connect it with other clubs and organize friendly matches. During one year, up to 90 boys and girls joined the trainings by professional coaches from Tbilisi twice a week. The coaches were assisted by locals, who received a coaching license supported by the Georgian Rugby Union. In the end the development of the project was monitored and evaluated by psychologists, who were focused on the mentioned issues. 

As a matter of fact the Rugby Project was designed to be a trial project, which means that we hope that similar projects will be implemented in other regions as well.​
The whole project was funded by the Sports Ministry of Austria and the Georgian Rugby Union. UN Women is a partner of the project. 
Since September 2015 the project is financed by the Ministry of youth affairs of Georgia
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  1. Rugby  for vulnerable children and youth
    Rugby for vulnerable children and youth
  2. Rugby  for vulnerable children and youth
    Rugby for vulnerable children and youth
  3. Rugby  for vulnerable children and youth
    Rugby for vulnerable children and youth

From September 2017 until the end of August 2018 the SSK and the ASB Austria conducted a Soccer project in the region of Pankisi. The project area includes the rural areas of Kakheti and Shida Kartli and the mountainious region Ratscha. The goal was to provide an alternative leisure activity for socially disadvantaged children and teenagers through regular professional soccer trainings. 

Because of the bad economic condition the unemployment rate in the region of Pankisi is really high. Many families live on and even below the breadline and do not have the opportunity to provide for their children hobbies with costs so that they are spending their free time on the street, where violence is a daily occurance. Sport fights against it. It gives the youth a reasonable alternative leisure activity and acts as an outlet for stress, resolution of trauma and preventing violence. Beside rugby, basketball and wrestling soccer is of the most popular sports in Georgia and as a teamsport it is perfectly suited for our project.  

In our preparatory stages we were able to qualify and certify with the help of a trainer from Tbilisi three locals to be professional soccer coaches. Furthermore the sports field was renovated and new equipment provided. In the end soccer trainings in every region were taken place three times a week for altogether 80 boys and girls between 8 - 14 years. Beyond that due to the particularly circumstances of the children, a psychologist visited each team regularly to deal with subjects like gender equality, drug addiction, a healthy lifestyle, future career aspirations and the strengthening of mutual confidence and respect.

We are very thankful for the support and the effort of the Arveladze Foundation that took over the project and is securing its sustainability with financial and administrative engagement. Until today the soccer trainings occur and even the municipalities of the regions promised their contribution with jerseys and required sports equipment. 
  1. Soccer Festival Finale
    Soccer Festival Finale
  2. with Shota Arveladze
    with Shota Arveladze
  3. in the game
    in the game